Mary Beth McCollum

WF9213 California Central Womens Facility
Box 1508, 513 24 1 UP
Chowchilla CA 93610
Email provider: Jpay


Looking for friends to travel this journey with me. Discovering who I am with such an exciting time ahead of fifties.

My angle besides meeting genuine people - printed out song lyrics, I request yeah....

Love Peace

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RACE Caucasian
Gender Female
Date of Birth 08/06/1970
Age 48
Religion Christian
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Salt & Pepper
Sexual Orientation N/A
Home town Oceanside, CA
Height None
Marital Status N/A

Crimes Premeditated attempted murder
Earliest Release Date
Latest Release Date None
incarcerated since date 2017
Death row No
Serving Life Sentence No